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Fact or fiction

UFO history: Fantasy, Fact or Fiction?
It could be that the individual has been gazing at stars, but one start might turn out to be something mysterious and also frightening, which is simply unexplainable.

History of UFO’s

Such unidentified flying objects also called UFO’s were sighted throughout history, with a prominent example being sighting the Halley’s Comet. This comet was initially documented in 240 BC by Chinese astronomers and was said to have terrified people on numerous occasions.

Moreover, UFO’s were often said to be connected to religious implications, especially with some people trying to pass it off as visits being done by celestial beings or angels. Even UFO hunters of today have compared religious symbols and icons noticed in old paintings to correspond to UFO sightings.

Comets streaking through night sky were clarified by science, however, there have been occurring numerous incidents which are yet to get explained. UFOs have been represented to be everything ranging from lovable ET to funny cartoon character to something that is terrifying or biological entities which may take over human bodies.

Modern versions
UFO’s modern enthusiasm is said to have began in 1947, when Kenneth Arnold, an American entrepreneur had sighted bright and strange lights coming from unidentified objects close to Mount Rainer, Wash. He reported of noticing an object that is flat shaped such as a pan, to help coin the popular phrase, a ‘flying saucer’.

That particular year had brought UFO sightings in hundreds with most popular one being Roswell July 8 incident, where there was crash reported by alien spacecraft in a desert that killed aliens within it and their bodies being retrieved by government. However, the Air Force, later released statements stating that it was just debris retrieved from downed weather balloon.

Real or just an imagination!

The UFO craze simply has skyrocketed since that infamous incident. It has been admitted by scientists across the globe that between 5% – 20% of unidentified sightings are not being able to be verified in any way, form or shape.

What are aliens?

So what is the bright, shining light that is noticed in the sky? Are these creatures really from another planet? Are they visiting Earth to take over the planet or just to say hello? These are questions that still remain unanswered the research is still on to contact the aliens in every possible manner.

Human beings are very much interested to know if they are the only living beings in the universe or have other species in other parts of the world, a question to which there is still no answer.

ETi – Extraterrestrial investigations

So I am pleased to announce the next step in growing this site and the community. Over the next few months we will be putting together plans for next year by introducing “extraterrestrial  investigations” also know as ETi.

So what is ETi?

Well it is open to many things, but first we want to trial and test some local meets with members and people from their communities. Preferably all on the same day/night. By doing this we can post live pics and updates directly to the webpage.

Meets will be planned in advance, and we will be looking for group members, so if you think you can organize a get together in your local area then please get in touch.

This is just one of the many exiting new things I’m looking to introduce to this site over the coming months.

eti logoWe have developed a new logo for this, but this may change over the coming months. We would love to hear any feedback on this idea and that of the logo. My aim is to start small at just a few groups to test it out, and then expand this and do more regular meets. I believe by doing this we can collect some exiting new information and more proof that aliens do exist.

Please stay tuned for more info on this subject….

Looking for content writers

Fancy writing for us and sharing your pictures, sightings and beliefs? Then we would love to hear from you.

We are trying to make this site grow and achieve a community where you can make new friends and show each other your sightings. Due to life events recently I had no time to expand this site, but over the next few months I want to try and set out what I intended to do with this site and make it awesome.

If you have any pictures or videos then please feel free to email them to us and we can showcase them on the site.

It would be a massive help if you shared or liked the posts within your social media groups, it really would help this site to grow. Also please feel free to join the forum, its new so not much is happening in there at the present moment in time, but hopefully over the next year it can grow into something big

I appreciate you reading this and look forward to talking with you all in the future. Until then take care and keep looking up into the skies.

New Roswell pictures

We all know that Roswell is one of the most talked about ‘UFO’ subjects over the years. And now scientists have released photos of an apparent alien from the crash of dead alien which was found in New Mexico. The pictures are presumed to have been taken between 1947-1949.

Many people have classed these as fakes, but it has once again opened up the discussion about the famous Roswell crash at Area 51

UFO scientists who had made a 5 year study into the photographs, charged $350 for people to attend the announcement in which a reported 10,000 did, the slides look very similar to that of Egyptian mummies. There was also a documentary shown to the people who attended although the actual slides of the dead alien where not shown.

The original photos were believe to have been found in Arizona, hidden inside a box which was located in an attic. Photos of Clarke Gable and Bing Crosby where also found in the same box. According to one UFO specialist from Mexico, Jamie Maussan said that “The images must be real because the sketch of the aliens image did not exist at the time when the photo was taken.”

I myself believe these slides to resemble an alien life form which has some characteristics of a human also. Whatever the outcome I know one thing, the UFO scientists made a small fortune with their $350 charges per person. Was it done for money? Perhaps I guess but we will never know for sure.

Many have compared the images to previous photos of mummies from the Smithsonian. Pictured is a Roman child mummy (bottom) with opening ringed compared to 'Roswell slide' (top)


Area 51

Roswell, New Mexico sprang to international fame on July 8, 1947, when the local newspaper reported the capture of a ‘flying saucer’ by government officials in the town.

Over the decades since the discovery, conspiracy theorists have insisted that the debris came from an alien spacecraft, and that the fact was covered up by the military in their secret hangar, Area 51.

The continuing belief of alien activity in the area led the Air Force to launch an investigation into the crash in 1995.

Officials concluded that the ‘UFO’ was part of a balloon launched into the atmosphere as part of a secret government surveillance program aimed at the USSR.

However, many have refused to accept that explanation, alleging a conspiracy to hide the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut who was the sixth person to land on the moon, attended the event and said he believed the images are authentic.

However, many claim the images are a publicity stunt as the unveiling event in Mexico cost $350 for entry.

Others have compared the images to previous photos of mummies from the Smithsonian

It follows footage that emerged in February allegedly showing the body of an alien being handled by American soldiers during the 1940s.

New Zealand-based magazine, Uncensored, did a frame-by-frame analysis and said it proves ‘there were aliens in Area 51′.

But Philip Mantle, the UFO expert who was involved with the release of the original Roswell films, said these latest images are nothing but ‘utter b*******’.

It has since became apparent that the footage was taken from the film Alien Autopsy starring Ant and Dec, released back in 2006.

‘As with the ‘Alien Autopsy’ hoax, the slides will eventually be proven to be a fraud, long after the distribution rights, licencing and other revenue streams are sold off or exhausted,’ said Watson.

Roswell, New Mexico sprang to international fame on July 8, 1947, when the local newspaper reported the capture of a 'flying saucer' by government officials in the town. The original Roswell hoax alien autopsy pictures, including this one, were unveiled in 1995

Apollo 20 footage of alien

Ive watched this video numerous of times now, and it looks legit. Its apparently footage shot from the Apollo 20 mission to the moon, in which they found a spaceship with this dead alien species inside. Many people call her the ‘Mona Lisa’ of aliens.
This mission was an alleged secret mission in which NASA tried to cover up. The mission took place in August 1976 a few years after NASA stopped the Apollo missions to the moon.

Now many people believe these missions where stopped after they found alien life on the dark side of the moon, and never returned back in case of an intergalactic war.

But back to the video and this ‘woman’ alien has some very strange things going on around her face, it looks like cotton buds are stuck to her eyes and mouth, and she is very much like a human being apart from her orange looking skin.

UFO mothership captured by ISS

This 3000 mile wide object was captured by the ISS and released by officials in Brazil, in what many people believe to be a mothership of some kind. At first I thought maybe it was Photoshopped but if you look closely you can see that the clouds are over the disc shaped object. I’m not 100% sure if this is legit or not as you would think an object of this size would of been spotted easily from the Earth itself. But its kind of cool anyway so thought that I would share it with you guys.

Any thoughts on what this could be? Please comment below

New Forum Open

Hello guys and welcome to the new webpage of ‘The UFO Project.’ We are trying to grow a vast and exiting community of members from around the globe, where we can share information and stories about UFO’s and strange things. Where you can get to know and meet other people with the same interests as you, and where you can look at the amazing pictures and videos that will be shared daily.

So please take your time and register as a member of the site, you can do this at the bottom of the homepage or click the green + button located at the top right hand corner of the homepage. It would help us out massively in our mission to grow the site if you would like and share our post via your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Thank you so much, and welcome aboard. We hope to speak to you soon via the forum

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Amazing alien grey footage from Brazil

I’ve watched this video of a captured alien grey many times before, and thought I would share with you guys. This is by far one of the best captures that I have seen of an alien species up close and personal.

We start the video in what looks like a secured dark room and the alien knelt down at the floor, it then gets up and begins to look round the room and into the camera.After walking around the room puzzled a few times, and with a few strange flashes over the camera, it then goes over to what looks like a window and tries to force it open. Soon after this its almost as if the alien knows something is going to happen and proceeds to kneel down in almost the same spot just before the door opens and you can see a shadow of a man standing at the door way. It looks as if the person puts somethings on the floor from looking at his shadow. He then closes the door and the alien turns around to look. We then see the grey stand up and walk towards the door and proceed to pick up what looks like a plate of food in which he sits back down and we lose visual from the camera.

This video was shot in 2008 and in the second video i believe its of the same captured alien, and that from this video 2 security soldiers were arrested for filming this and leaking the videos. The alien was then apparently transfered to a special unit in the U.S the following morning.

As you can see the above video was shot in 2008 and in the second video i believe its of the same captured alien, and that from this video 2 security soldiers were arrested for filming this and leaking the videos. The alien was then apparently transfered to a special unit in the U.S the following morning.

I’m not sure if its fake or not, but its one of the best that I’ve seen and some what sad if this is what we as human being can do to something so amazing. Either way we will never know the full truth of whats out there.

Jets chase UFO into mountains

So I’ve watched this video a good few times now, and I have to say that I think its pretty impressive evidence. It starts off with the cameraman frantically running to try and capture it on film, he manages to catch to fighter jets roaring through the sky either chasing or escorting a UFO at some speed. They then vanish over some trees, and you see the cameraman chasing after them until they reappear for a few short seconds before flying over the mountains. Some people suggest that this is Photoshopped but if u look closely at the UFO after it comes from the trees, you can see a light flashing at the back of it. And the sounds the camera picks up from the jets seems pretty authentic to me.

Would love to if there was an more videos of this incident from other people, surely others must of witnessed it. And where did they go after this?

Strange light over Havasu City

Locals from Havasu City where filming a double rainbow over the lake on July 13th 2014 when all of a sudden they spotted a strange orb like shape come out from the clouds. The people in the video describe the light changing to various colours although its hard to make this out from the video.

At first I thought that this was maybe a Chinese lantern or some kind of flare, as the way it was just floating down to earth, but then when it got near to the power lines it stopped for a few seconds and then moved a little more. So either it hit something and then blew off or it was in fact a UFO. You can see near the end of the video one of the guys starts running towards the direction of the UFO, but then the video ends. I tried to find if there was any more videos of this, but this was the longest one I could find.

What do you guys think to this?