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    Completely Arbitrary Scientific Rating: 1.6 out of 1010. J-Smoove Shaves His Legs, Which Is NBA Live Mobile Coins Kinda Gross To Think About (Dick’s Sporting Goods)Analysis! First of all, there’s nothing funnier than hearing a white guy call Josh Smith “J-Smoove.”

    It’s probably my favorite part of Josh Smith’s NBA career so far. That nickname has forced so many white people to awkwardly blurt out “Smoove” and pretend its natural.Try it right now. Guarantee you’ll feel ridiculous.

    It’s just an awkward word to say out loud. For black people, too, but especially for old white announcers. Anyway, after the initial awkwardness brought about by the talk of J-Smoove, we cut to… Josh Smith shaving his legs?

    And then, as Josh Smith rubs his freshly shaved legs, we hear the voiceover, “He makes himself faster by eliminating anything that can slow him down.” … And they mean anything.So, yeah: We might have to NBA Live 18 Coins call the pause police on this one, Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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