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    So, absent analysis, we have aesthetics! Let’s rank the newest submissions from the art departments of corporate America. We begin with the MUT 18 Coins dreaded “viral” campaign from Nike. 11. Kevin Durant Has A Stalker, And He’s Good With iMovie (Nike)Analysis!

    It’s never good when you can’t tell whether it’s a commercial or not. I guess for the purposes of viral marketing, that’s sort of the point, but if we want to get all conceptual with it, if you watch a video that’s bizarre and inexplicable, then you find out it’s all marketing ploy, that just makes you resent it MORE.

    And that’s exactly how I feel about this campaign.Do we really need stalker footage of Kevin Durant doing everyday activities like taking out the trash, helping movers and talking to his neighbors? “He’s just like us!” the videos say.

    Except he makes millions of dollars, he’s 6’10 and he lives out the wildest dreams from my childhood on a nightly basis. KD’s awesome, but if Nike is seriously going to try and market him as some basketball Everyman, it’ll be hard to hold back the resentment.Especially if the campaigns are as crappy and Madden NFL 18 Coins transparent as this one.

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